Internet Leased Line: Internet Leased Line Service is a permanent and dedicated connection to the Internet which is always available. It is scalable in terms of band width and is highly reliable compared to dial-up internet access. An Internet Leased Line (ILL) is a dedicated Internet access service enabling high speeds starting from 64 Kbps. ILL enables all users on a LAN at the customer premises to access the internet from their desktop without having to dial up into the Internet. This results in greater ownership, convenience and comfort. This service can also be utilized by the user to transfer high amount of data over the internet and establish VPN over the Internet. Leased Line provides higher uptime and greater redundancy

An IPLC (international private leased circuit) is a point-to-point private line used by an organization to communicate between offices that are geographically dispersed throughout the world. An IPLC can be used for Internet access, business data exchange, video conferencing, and any other form of telecommunication.
Basically, a VPN is a private network that uses a public network (usually the Internet) to connect remote sites or users together. Instead of using a dedicated, real-world connection such as leased line, a VPN uses "virtual" connections routed through the Internet from the company's private network to the remote site or employee.
NPLC provides you with a leased circuit, offering instant and constant access between any of your locations, on a one-to-one basis. Its dedicated nature ensures exclusivity and is leased at a fixed tariff, regardless of the extent of usage.
In computer networking and telecomm-unications, Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a data-carrying mechanism that belongs to the family of packet-switched networks. MPLS operates at an OSI Model layer that is generally considered to lie between traditional definitions of Layer 2 (Data Link Layer) and Layer 3 (Network Layer), and thus is often referred to as a "Layer 2.5" protocol. It was designed to provide a unified data-carrying service for both circuit-based clients and packet-switching clients which provide a datagram service model. It can be used to carry many different kinds of traffic, including IP packets, as well as native ATM, SONET, and Ethernet frames
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a protocol optimized for the transmission of voice through the Internet or other packet switched networks. VoIP is often used abstractly to refer to the actual transmission of voice (rather than the protocol  Implementing it).
WiMAX, the Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, is a telecommunications technology aimed at providing wireless data over long distances in a variety of ways, from point-to-point links to full mobile cellular type access. It is based on the IEEE 802.16 standard, which is also called Wireless MAN. WiMAX as “a standards-based technology enabling the delivery of last mile wireless internet access as an alternative to Local loop. Multimedia applications can be run with Wimax connections.
8. Servo Stabilizer
This is a stabilizer which constantly monitors the output voltage and controls the variations in the input voltage by movements of a motor. This motor in turn selects the proper output voltage on the variable transformer (variac). This is probably the cheapest power-conditioning product available. It gives good voltage regulation.
Single phase capacity
Three phase (air cooled)
Three phase (oil cooled)
1,2,3,4.5,7.5,10,12,15,20&25 Kva
3,6,9,12,15,20,25,30,40,50,60&75 Kva
3,6,9,12,15,20,25,30,40,50 up to 1000Kva 
Input voltage range   170-270 Single phase, 295-465 volts three phase
195-270 Single phase ,340-465 volts three phase
205-270 Single phase, 360-465 volts three phase
Special range As per customer requirements
Output voltage 220/230/240 V AC in single phase
380/400/415 V AC in three phase
System unbalanced/balanced type
Connection Star/Delta or Star/Star
Output voltage regulation (+/-) 1 % from no load to full load
Servo motor drive model-A AC servo synchronous motor
Correction speed 35 V/sec-1 ph. 60 V/sec-3 ph
Response time Above 60 millisecond.
Servo motor model-B DC servo motor
Correction speed Up to 105 V/sec.
Response time 10 millisecond.
Operating frequency 47 to 53 Hz
Output waveform true reproduction of input
Insulation Class "B"
Short circuit percentage and period 300 % for 250  millisecond
Overload capacity 120 % for 1 minute
Effect of load Per Phase on O/P Volts Nil
Waveform distortion Nil
Duty cycle 100% continuous
Ambient Zero to 45cmax. Relative humidity up to 90 %
Type Of cooling Natural air cooled up to 75 Kva
Natural oil cooled 3 to 1000 Kva
System construction As per IS:9815
Enclosure Powder coated
Efficiency 98% (electrical consumption saved)
Environment Designed for indoor tropical use
Mounting On wheels
Earthing Earthing terminals provided
9. Isolation transformer
Technical Specifications:
Regulation: 3-5%
Connections : Delta/Star or Star/Star for three phases according to the customer’s specification.
Operating Power Factor: 0.8 lagging to 0.8
Dielectric Strength: 2500 V for 1 minute
Resistance: Greater than 100 Mega Ohms
No load Current: Less than 5%
Core : Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Silicon Steel (CRGO)
Copper: Wire or Strip Electrolytic grade continuous cost Copper.


SINGLE PHASE 110/220 V 110/220 V 0.5 - 30 KVA
TWO PHASE 415/220 V 415/220 V 1- 30 KVA
THREE PHASE 415/415 or 220 V 415/415 or 220 V 1- 500 KVA
10. Ups (Uninterruptible power supply)
An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a device which maintains a continuous supply of electric power with a battery connected to equipments by supplying power from a separate source when utility power is not available. There are three distinct types of UPS: off-line, line-interactive and double conversion (also called on-line).
RATING : 1Kva TO 200 Kva


Input Voltage 230 v Single Phase up to 5 Kva
400v Three phase for Kva and above
Voltage Range -30%, +25%
Frequency Range 46Hz – 54Hz
Output Single phase/two phase/three phase
Voltage 230v / 400v
Voltage regulation +/-2%
Frequency 50 HZ +/-0.05%
Technology High frequency PWM using IGBT / MOSFET
Wave form Pure sine wave
Harmonic Distortion Less than 2% for linear load and Less than 3% for non linear
Transient variation Less than 5V for100% step load change
Transient recovery Less than 5millisecond step load change
Rated power factor 0.80
Over load capacity 120% for 10 minutes
Bypass over load capacity 1.5 times of nominal current for 1minute
Cooling Forced Air
Efficiency Better than 90%
Transfer time Nil
Current rest factor 4:1
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